How to go beyond the 9-box matrix?

Watch our webinar and learn about our multi-dimensional talent management model.

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Talent management that creates value for the business

In contrast to the HR label "important but not urgent", the Q7Leader approach speaks the language of business and promotes agility and action. 

No more anachronisms such as job descriptions.
Simple without being simplistic, our methodology wins the support of your employees.
Active collaboration transforms your talent reviews.

7 dimensions to take an objective look at my team member

The 7 ingredients of our methodology allow us to form a more objective view of the collaborator than through the well-known and decried model of the 9-box matrix.

Universal, precursor, and developed in partnership with the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, our methodology allows managers to speak the same language and to have an active collaboration.

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Leverage talent data to make fair compensation decisions.

MyQ7Reward is a digital tool enabling executive commitees to distribute salary increase amongst team members without tensions thanks to a comprehensive HR view of each employee : meaning on his or her competency level, performance level, risk of attrition and potential.

Your salary decisions will thus limit discriminatory biases, increase the commitment of your employees while taking up less time and energy.

Testimonials from our customers

At Q7Leader we work with small companies as well as internationally recognised groups. Like Itiviti, international leader in trading and Easyfairs, named company of the year in 2018.
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