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The "new generation" talent review

Introductory session every thursday

Long, rarely followed by action and not very constructive, these meetings are among the most dreaded of the year by managers and deserve a new approach.

Talent management beyond the 9-box grid


Decried but still widely used, it embodies an approach to talent management that seems outdated. Discover a multi-dimensional model of management.        

Salary increases: decide objectively and fairly

Case study

Discover how an SME succeeded in objectifying all salaries and increases in order to recruit more easily and stop employees leaving due to inequity.

Support your customers in their transformation

Webinar for HR consultants

Presentation of the Q7Leader structuring methodology that can serve as a "backbone" when accompanying your clients in their HR transformation.

Merger & Acquisition: keep 100% of the key talents of the acquired company

Case study

In the high-tech sector, not losing the expertise of acquired teams is essential. Find out how to identify key skills and ensure employee satisfaction.

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