Become a certified Q7Leader Expert in order to

...benefit from a structured HR methodology for you and your clients. 

...manage competency management, succession planning, remuneration policies, personal development plans and other HR challenges faced by organisations more easily. 

...lead projects that require change management skills. 

A certification that combines learning, practice and peersharing

Along the way, you will benefit from : 

Practical application : 
Through observation and note-taking during workshops, as well as through the development of good reflexes.

Peersharing : 
Learn from questions and suggestions from fellow participants when examining practical cases. 

Workshop 1 : "Roots"

How to juggle with the 7 elements of our methodology

How to explain and illustrate the 4 management practices ?

Workshop 2 : "Lifeblood"

How to analyse the results of the profiling carried out (Teamscan) ?

How can we adapt the different approaches to questioning and individual & collective facilitation that will bring about awareness and action?

Workshop 3 : "Canopy"

How to analyse the data (People Insights & Analytics) of a department and an organisation & identify the key messages that emerge from your analysis ? 

 How to formulate recommendations, develop relevant questions & identify priorities

Webinar "A methodology to support your clients in their HR transformation"

25 minutes replay

Are you an HR consultant? Discover our methodology and how it can be used as a backbone when accompanying your clients in their transformation (leadership development, organizational design, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, etc.). And why not go one step further by taking the certification to become an expert in the methodology yourself?

Upcoming certification journeys (EN) 

  1 dec - 8 dec - 22 dec  

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Prochains parcours de certification (FR) 

14 sept - 28 sept - 8 oct

6 oct - 20 oct - 17 nov

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Volgende certificatietrajecten (NL) 

  10 nov - 23 nov - 7 dec 

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