Our research & development

The ground-breaking Q7Leader Collaborative applications and softwares were created and developed by Reggy-Charles Degen. They are based on 20 years of international senior HR leadership roles in international organisations and reinforced with his academic practice and research as Head of the Leadership Module Executive Master in Management Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, University of Brussels.

Our methodology is based on a proper balance between sophisticated and perfectly adjusted definitions (132 in total) that speak both to managers and employees. These definitions form the common ground for any dialogue around business expectations, competence, performance, talent potential, reward, vision and values and workforce planning.


Creation in 2012

40 countries

+11000 users

Our culture

Our values of continuous learning, agility and collaboration are reflected in the way we work:

  • We are both teleworkers and often at our clients' sites.
  • We are a small structure, where everyone is key to the development of the company and to the climate of benevolence like every Thursday when everyone addresses his thanks to the team.
  • Our offices located in Uccle offer an open space where everyone sits wherever they want when they arrive but also the possibility to isolate themselves and relax thanks to our popular billiard table.


Our mission

Provide organizations with state-of-the-art data driven people management solutions that help boosting employee engagement and turning managers into agile, collaborative & learning people leaders.