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Our vision & mission

Turning managers into collaborative people leaders

Our vision 

Future proof organizations will be agile, collaborative and learning. To make this happen, business leaders will need to take  the following into account: 

1.  Line managers are the true HR managers.  
2.  People analytics & insights are key.  
3. HR mgmt model must be simplified and "integrated", like finance. (*)

(*)  Finance is organised around one single ecosystem (including a standard chart of account) that everybody undestands and shares. HR must now follow the same approach by integrating 6 key processes: organisation design, competence, performance, talent, reward management & resource planning. This is also key for producing relevant people analytics. 

Our mission

Provide organizations with state-of-the-art data driven people management solutions that help boosting employee engagement and turning managers into agile, collaborative & learning people leaders. 


Today's organizations have to reinvent themselves to meet tomorrow's (r)evolutions. The difference between those who will succeed or not will be in how their leaders and their team members collaborate and how they take care of their talents . We believe that success will depend on agile business models and appropriate human centric analytics and insights.

Reggy-Charles Degen - Founder of Q7 Leader

Let's bring your team members and managers to their full potential!

Built on 20 years of operational experience in business and organisations management, Q7Leader created a Logical, Objective, Open, Transparent , Universal and Simple methodology to help companies identify, develop and engage their Talents.

Q7Leader aims at helping profit & non-profit organisations deal with their challenge managing human resources through the digital revolution. More particularly building equitable and predictive practices around competence, performance, potential and reward management.Q7Leader believes Collaborative Leadership will bring team members to their full potential!

Implementing new ways of managing organizations
Implementing new ways of managing organizations
Managers and HR need to reinvent themselves in this new world of work. For many organizations, it may soon be too late because self-management, self-development, co-creation, agility… these operating modes don't just come alive after a couple of days training and good will. It requires a real mindshift, what Peter Senge calls a change in mental models. Q7 leader not only accompanies this mindshift, it also deploys the management tools required to make this shift sustainable. 
Boosting engagement through equity
Boosting engagement through equity
Gallup research has demonstrated year after year that the main obstacle to employee engagement is the feeling of not being treated with equity. In today's press, it's all about gender equity. But what about equity within the same gender and between teams? This relates naturally to pay practices but also for instance to recognizing success or receiving feedback. Q7 Leader offers organizations a suite of apps and tools to guarantee maximum equity on all above dimensions. We helps managers making people decisions "LOTUS" i.e. logical, Objective, Transparent, Universal, Simple.


Connecting human & digital
Connecting Human & Digital

One thing is sure: talent management in the future will make a difference with analytics and insights. Q7 leader combines both digitalization and humanization. In the immediate future, this will be a competitive advantage. But by 2021, managing talent supported by data will be a minimum standard to stay in the race. And since there is a learning curve to take full advantage of HR analytics, organizations should get started right away. You can rely on our network of certified Q7 Leader Experts to help you in this. You can also choose to become a certified coach yourself. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Our research & development

ReggyThe ground-breaking Q7HRframework™  and the Q7 Leader Collaborative Applications and Softwares were created and developed by Reggy-Charles Degen. They are based on 20 years of international senior HR leadership roles in international organisations and reinforced with his academic practice and research as Head of the Leadership Module Executive Master in Management Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, University of Brussels.

Q7 HRframework™ is based on a proper balance between sophisticated and perfectly adjusted definitions (132 in total) that speak both to managers and employees. These definitions form the common ground for any dialogue around business expectations, competence, performance, talent potential, reward, vision and values and workforce planning.

Reggy is passionate about bringing more LOTUS (Logic, Objectivity, Transparency, Universality and Simplicity) into HR. He believes that it is possible to significantly optimize the Return on Human Capital Investment in organisations by empowering managers and providing them with the appropriate LOTUS tools and methodologies. After years of research and testing, he developed applications and services which now have a proven track record in global organisations as well as in SME

Success in business is all about people, people, people.
Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are always
its biggest competitive advantage.

Richard Branson

Our applications run on ...

on most HRIS active on the market. 

Our team

Meet our experts

We are passionate about people. We love what we do, developing and energizing individuals, leaders and teams in order to help building great places to work. We hope we inspired you to get in touch and meet our team members and experts. Let's work together & exchange ideas. Become part of the Q7 Leader journey!

Reggy-Charles Degen
Reggy-Charles Degen

Founding Partner

Caroline Denis
Caroline Denis
Implementation Manager
Pascal Stroobant
Pascal Stroobant
Q7 Leader Partner
Business Development
Virginie Steveniers
Virginie Steveniers
Customer Project Manager
Photo of Johan Holmberg
Johan Holmberg
Reward Analyst
Photo of Tanguy Delvoye
Tanguy Delvoye
International Business Development Manager
Photo of Flavien Roelandt
Flavien Roelandt
Head of Technology and Analytics
Photo of Alexandre Dauzat
Alexandre Dauzat
Digital Analyst
Photo of Olivier Béroudiaux
Olivier Béroudiaux
Partnership & Business Developer 
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