Unlock the strategic potential of HR in 2 hours

This isn't the typical HR workshop.

It's designed exclusively for CxOs and executives. It will guide you through a strategic exploration of your role as a senior executive in turning your HR into an efficient, transparent and objective function of your business.

Stop firefighting.
Get strategic in 2024.

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100+ ultra-satisfied CXOs

What our 100+ alumni are saying

I really love the emphasis on business and management. Generally, HR certifications/trainings are too focused on people and, as a result, a bit hypocritical… Here, there's no beating around the bush. It's refreshing!
Pauline De Visscher

Head of HR EMEA

Are you overwhelmed with the number of different platforms and “consultants” for fixing your HR?

Do you feel like you’re constantly firefighting and (re)inventing processes vs. making a difference?

Do you know what needs fixing in the company, but struggle to connect all the HR pieces together?

It doesn't have to be like that!

Our Masterclass is designed to help executives get control back on HR.

Every CxO faces the same problems

Some early employees are becoming a bottleneck for the growth of the company.

We are consistently firefighting and (re)inventing processes.

We paid a lot of bonuses last year, while the company didn’t reach its yearly objectives.

We are doing check-ins, but I don’t see the ROI nor connection with org performance.

We are setting objectives but it feels like people don’t take accountability.

Our people cost is not under control and we’re flying blind without data and a strategy.

Sometimes I wish managing people didn’t take so long and was way easier.

We should be recruiting for the long term, but how, and when?

Discover the solution to these problems

The integrated playbook you've been missing

The People Model Canvas is a universal framework that sets up your organization for sustainable people engagement and performance.

Reactive "patchwork"

(created as problems arise)

Proactive system-thinking

=> interconnected from the start

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What you'll get from these 2 hours

Strategic HR insights

Rediscover HR through a strategic lens, similar to reading a P&L or a balance sheet.

Actionable framework

Leave with a clear HR roadmap and integrated processes, ready to be implemented.

Shared language

Learn about a common language to objectify HR, enabling effective delegation.

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Your learning journey

Absorb a simple framework that helps you objectify and integrate data-driven HR practices

The People Model Canvas is a concise framework that streamlines the integration of data-driven practices across your organization, enhancing decision-making and operational effectiveness.

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Module 1

The Vision behind the People Model Canvas

Module 2

Agile and Collaborative Organisation Design

Module 3

Performance Practices that People Trust

Module 4

Fair Reward at the Heart of Engagement

We help executives make HR as clear as Finance

By the end of this half-day program, you'll gain a deep understanding of the essential components that drive team performance.

You'll learn practical strategies, tools, and models to effectively address challenges within your team. Additionally, you'll acquire strategic HR insights to make informed decisions about your people and business performance.

We look forward to supporting you on this exciting journey!

Reggy-Charles Degen

Author, People Model Canvas

Our next Masterclass is on:

📆 July 9th, 2 pm - 5 pm CET

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It's time to make HR strategic

Implement fair HR practices, increase employee engagement, and boost performance.

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50+ ultra-satisfied CXOs
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