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Outdated HR practices are crippling your organization's ability to manage and develop skills and talent effectively, leaving managers overwhelmed and employees disengaged.

The Talent Management and Managerial Challenge


Overwhelmed Managers

Growing responsibilities without adequate support lead to managerial burnout, leaving leaders and managers overwhelmed, unprepared, and lacking essential leadership skills to effectively manage and develop talent within the organization.


Biases and Subjectivity

Subjective criteria undermine fair talent assessment and development, resulting in employees losing motivation and poor talent management decisions.


Poor User Experience

Outdated processes frustrate employees and hinder engagement, leading to disengagement, high turnover, and difficulties in attracting and ensuring employee retention of top talent.


Transform your HR processes with Q7Leader

Empower leaders and managers with objective, efficient, and collaborative tools to enhance employee retention, engagement, and leadership, driving organization-wide success.

Increase employee engagement by 35%.
increase in eNPS score

Quick and Objective Employee Profiling

Create an objective profile of each team member in less than 10 minutes by answering 7 simple questions, reducing manager workload and minimizing subjectivity.

Efficient profile creation with 7 close-ended questions.

Reduces preparation workload for managers.

Minimizes subjectivity in employee evaluations.

Collaborative Talent Reviews

Enhance talent development through collaborative reviews with 3-4 managers and HR, incorporating case based-training sessions to create actionable development plans and validate team member profiles objectively.

Managers and HR collaboratively review team members’ profiles.

Ensures high level of objectivity and validation.

Creates actionable development plans focused on competence development.

Proven Management Practices for Engagement

Leverage four proven management practices to boost employee engagement and develop critical skills, with concrete examples for 1-2-1 and evolution discussions to enhance leaders' and managers' confidence.

Strategies for clear expectations, feedback, support, and recognition.

Identifies concrete examples for effective 1-2-1 and evolution discussions

Improves manager confidence for employee development conversations

Strategic Succession Planning

Implement dynamic and strategic succession planning based on objective and shareable profiles, transforming it from a chore into a critical organizational strategy.

Succession planning grounded in objective, shareable profiles.

Facilitates strategic discussions and long-term planning.

Aligns succession planning with company goals and future leadership needs.

Hear from what our Customers are Saying.

Hear from our satisfied customers about the benefits of modernizing HR with Q7Leader.

Q7Leader has completely transformed our HR processes. With their objective, auditable profiles for team members and connected HR processes, we now have a strategic, data-driven model that has elevated our HR function to new heights. It's like having a finance department for HR!

Darren King

Px Manager, Dstny

The profile-centered approach of Q7Leader has revolutionized how we manage talent. It has eliminated the silos and inefficiencies that were holding us back, allowing us to focus on our business ambitions with confidence.

Gatien Laloux

CEO, XL Group

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