People P&L

Strategy over People:Why 70% of transformations fail

Time constraints and high stress levels often plague organizational transformations, reducing efficiency, damaging employee engagement, productivity, and ultimately impacting revenue.  Many transformation plans overlook the people element, failing to align business needs with workforce capabilities early on. This oversight leads to severe impacts on EBITDA and revenue targets in 70% of cases*.



Uncertainty breeds stress, causing key talent to leave. Employees need quick and clear communication to feel secure and stay engaged.


Bad Decisions

Having the right people in the right roles during a transformation is crucial for maximizing the efficiency and productivity of the workforce, according to key metrics.


Time is of the essense

Detailed Assessments of each team members takes time and is costly, but relying on "gut" feeling is risky and lead to bad decisions.

People P&L like in Finance:  
Achieve rapid and reliable alignment for successful transformations

Q7Leader's feature enables quick and accurate team scan, reducing stress and attrition during transformations.

Quick Profiles

Create accurate team profiles in under 10 minutes with 90% accuracy.


Get a comprehensive team scan in less than 2 weeks with Q7Leader's dashboard.


Quick and Accurate
Team Profile Creation

Generate comprehensive team profiles in less than 10 minutes by answering 7 questions, with 90% accuracy, enhancing efficiency in team assessments.

10 min
7 simple closed questions to create an objective profile of a team member
Enhanced trust in data through profile auditing.

Transform your Organization with Q7Leader's
People-Focused Method

Q7Leader offers a unique people-focused transformation method that ensures the right roles throughout the process. Experience improved team alignment, reduced stress, and better engagement.

Improved Alignment

Q7Leader's people-focused method ensures the right roles throughout the transformation process.

Reduced Stress

Experience reduced stress and increased engagement with Q7Leader's transformation method.


Actionable Insights
for Strategic

Make confident, no-regret decisions based on objective, auditable data and performance metrics. Q7Leader ensures that the right people are in the right roles, crucial for the success of any strategic plan involving the workforce.

Hear from what our Customers are Saying

Hear from our satisfied customers about the benefits of modernizing HR with Q7Leader.

Q7Leader has completely transformed our HR processes. With their objective, auditable profiles for team members and connected HR processes, we now have a strategic, data-driven model that has elevated our HR function to new heights. It's like having a finance department for HR!

Simpson Homer

HR Manager, ABC Company

The Organization Design Workshop by Q7Leader was the most effective way to translate our strategy into action. The methodology is practical and enables quick outcomes. It's amazing how much clarity we were able to attain in just 3 hours.

Daan Dewever

CEO Dstny

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