Unlock your Organization’s Potential with our Design Workshops

Are you confident that your organization’s structure and talent align perfectly with your strategic vision? Our Organization Design Workshops provide the clarity and direction you need to ensure every team member is poised to contribute to your strategic goals.

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Misalignment between Strategy and Execution

Many organizations struggle to translate high-level strategies into day-to-day operations. This misalignment can lead to inefficiencies, wasted resources, and missed opportunities. Often, even with a clear strategy, the existing organizational structure and talent may not be fully optimized to execute the vision.

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Tailored Organization Design Workshops

Our workshops are tailored to bridge the divide between strategy and execution. During a targeted 90 to 180-minute session, we collaborate directly with your executive team to:

Analyze and enhance your organizational structure.Evaluate current talent alignment with strategic objectives.Identify deficiencies and craft actionable plans to address them.

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Align your Organization
for Success

By attending our Organization Design Workshop, you will:

Enhance Strategic Clarity: Ensure your organizational structure supports your strategic goals.

Optimize Talent Utilization: Identify and leverage the strengths of your current team.

Drive Performance: Foster a high-performance culture aligned with your vision.

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Boost Leadership Effectiveness

Our workshops also help your leadership team to:

Develop Strategic Leadership Skills: Equip your leaders with the tools and insights needed to drive strategic initiatives.

Improve Decision-Making: Enhance the ability of your executives to make informed, strategic decisions based on a clear understanding of organizational dynamics.

Strengthen Team Cohesion: Promote a unified approach to executing the company’s strategy, fostering stronger collaboration and communication among leaders.

Why this Matters

Effective organization design is critical for achieving strategic objectives. Our workshops offer a unique opportunity to align your team and structure, enabling better performance and higher success rates.

Hear from what our Customers are Saying

Hear from our satisfied customers about the benefits of modernizing HR with Q7Leader.

Q7Leader has completely transformed our HR processes. With their objective, auditable profiles for team members and connected HR processes, we now have a strategic, data-driven model that has elevated our HR function to new heights. It's like having a finance department for HR!

Simpson Homer

HR Manager, ABC Company

The Organization Design Workshop by Q7Leader was the most effective way to translate our strategy into action. The methodology is practical and enables quick outcomes. It's amazing how much clarity we were able to attain in just 3 hours.

Daan Dewever

CEO Dstny


Organisation Design Workshop

Tailored Organization Design Workshops

or €1200 remote
Focused 90 to 180-minute session
Face-to-face in Belgium / Remote elsewhere
Bridge the gap between strategy and execution
Assess current talent alignment with strategic objectives.
Identify gaps and develop actionable plans to fill them
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